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What is CBD? Get the lowdown on all you need to know.

26 Feb 2021

CBD is one of the most misunderstood and confusing substances in the world. The reason for this is that CBD stands at the crossroads of medicine, politics, and big commerce. There are hundreds of different types and strains of hemp out there. The one with CBD (cannabidiol) in it is legal to buy online or from your local health food store or smoke shop, but laws vary by country. 

It is also currently one of the biggest buzzwords in the health and wellness industry, and it’s only growing. However, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding what it is and how it can benefit us. So let’s break it down…


So what is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of many chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, that are found in the cannabis plant, either marijuana or hemp. Both are varieties of cannabis, but marijuana has THC in it, which is the psychoactive component that causes a “high” feeling. 

Whilst CBD is a component found in the marijuana plant, its actually derived from the hemp plant (a cousin of the marijuana plant). Unlike its marijuana counterpart, it will not get you “high” and is not addictive.


CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same pathways as THC. Studies suggest that it may help with a number of different health issues, including anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, PTSD and epilepsy.

How is CBD oil manufactured?

The different manufacturing processes of extraction are incredibly detailed as it is a controlled substance, but we will try to give you the essential information you need to know and what to look out for.

The three most popular ways to extract CBD are:

  1. A CO2 extraction
  2. Oil Extractions
  3. A liquid solvent extraction

CO2 extraction:

CO2 (carbon Dioxide) extraction is the most popular method of extracting CBD and the most expensive. There are three methods of this type of extraction which are supercritical, subcritical and mid-critical. 

Supercritical method of extraction uses CO2 as a solvent and includes no dangers for chemical contamination and isn’t volatile like butane, ethanol or propane. This means that CBD that is extracted this way is cleaner and safer for consumers. This method is so safe that even coffee makers use this method to create decaffeinated coffee as it means there is no residual chemical contaminants in their coffee.

Oil extraction:

One of the oldest methods of extraction is to use oil, and in particular olive oil. This is done by heating up the plant material to a desired temperature call Decarboxylation. Once this is achieved, the oil is added and mixed together with the plant. The CBD is extracted when both the plant and oil are heated together, but because oil doesn’t completely evaporate there is always some residue resulting in a product that is not as pure as the CO2 method of extraction.

liquid solvent extraction:

This type of extraction is the most dangerous and is not commonly used. It involves running a solvent such as butane, ethanol or propane (which are highly flammable) to the hemp plant matter. This strips the cannabinoids into the solvent, which is then evaporated, leaving behind a concentrated oily residue with the hemp compounds in.

What is CBD oil good for?

Hemp oil is a natural product with many health benefits. CBD and its extracts are used to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and provide relief from a variety of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD oil and Arthritis:

Whilst there have been no actual studies conducted on humans on the effects of CBD on Arthritis. Animal studies have shown that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. People who take CBD and have bought it for themselves have actually reported noticeable pain relief and sleep improvement. 

Can CBD oil help with Depression?

Mental health problems are on the rise and one of the most common problems is depression and anxiety. Being depressed and having anxiety can cause detrimental health issues to a persons health, social life, ability to work and their overall well-being.

Some people turn to pharmaceutical drugs to help manage their mental health but these drugs can have lasting side effects such as mood swings, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. In addition to this pharmaceutical drugs are full of chemicals and are not all natural or organic.

CBD has shown promise in helping to treat depression and anxiety in the fact that it is natural and helps you to relax. Research conducted in 2014 showed that CBD appears to have a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain.

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilises our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. This hormone impacts your entire body. Therefore keeping our serotonin levels stabilised can help with feelings of depression.

Can CBD help with sleep problems?

Using cannabis and cannabis derived products could help with sleep problems. In some studies it has shown that higher doses can help with longer sleep. Sleep issues are generally caused by external factors such as anxiety, health problems, caffeine and other environmental factors. By taking CBD products it could help to treat the cause of sleepiness.


Which CBD oil should i start with?

There are many products available today in the UK market, ranging from tinctures, dropper bottles, sprays, gummies and even coffee. We recommend starting with a lower dosage dropper bottle such elitemii's 10ml 1000mg full spectrum cbd oil. This dropper allows you to vary your dosage and build up how much you take to get the full benefit and efficacy. If you prefer a more controlled dosage, then we recommend our capsules, which means you know exactly how much you are taking every day.

For those who have muscular aches and pains would find using a topical applied directly to the skin, a better alternative. Our massage oil and balm are all natural, organic and contain essential skin friendly ingredients.


In summary, there is still research and studies being undertaken into the long term effects and efficacy of CBD. It is always important to do your research first before buying any new products and make sure you buy from a trusted website and check the reviews. elitemii has an excellent rating on Trust pilot from our customers and we continue to bring you the highest quality oil possible at an affordable price.

Persons under the age of 18 cannot purchase CBD. This product is not intended as medicine but as a supplement to give the benefits of CBD. We advise you to consult a medical professional before beginning any new dietary routine.

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