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CBD massage oil (500mg) 100ml - elitemii

CBD massage oil (500mg) 100ml


CBD massage oil (500mg) 100ml


elitemii CBD massage oil contains beneficial properties that can help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, aid in joint flexibility and reduce stress. This oil is a harmonious blend of sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut, Jojoba, vitamin E oil and supercritical CO2 extracted CBD from full plant extract.

Benefits of massage.

Massage has always been considered a great physical and holistic way of reducing stress and tension in the body. It has been used as a healing ritual for many years to promote circulation in the body, increase joint mobility and flexibility and improve skin tone. By introducing massage daily coupled with a beneficial massage oil like elitemii CBD massage oil, it can also aid in helping to reduce blood pressure and increase your energy and alertness.

Many famous athletes and celebrities are now endorsing the use of CBD everyday in maintaining your general health and wellbeing. Some athletes use it as part of their recovery routine as CBD is known to have anti inflammatory effects to help aid in recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

    CBD is continuously being researched by experts globally. A growing number of studies & research indicate that CBD has many wide ranging health benefits that can aid in the relief of some physical & mental ailments.

    Pain Reduction:
    Some scientists believe that the chemical components in CBD can help ease pain.
    Stress Relief:
    CBD could help with stress and anxiety relief as well as depression.
    Amino Acids:
    Contains 9 of the essential amino acids and fatty acids.
    Plant based:
    Good for the planet and good for you, 100% natural power of plants

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