Our mission is to provide the best CBD products on the market to help individuals with physical & mental wellness.


We have always wanted a business where we could help people and make a positive difference to their physical/mental wellness. For years we struggled to find the right product until the solution was presented in front of us. Some of our family members suffer from certain ailments and heard about CBD and its many benefits to health. They turned to High Street CBD brands that were overpriced and of low quality, which meant they were not getting the benefits that CBD has to offer. This gave us the idea to create a high-quality CBD product that would give the user the full benefits of CBD without the hefty price tag. After 2 years of research into the perfect product, building a brand and website, we launched elitemii. We are now proud to say we have a premium CBD product line and aim to become the most trusted CBD brand in the UK.


At elitemii, we ensure every item contains the CBD content stated so you get all the benefits CBD has to offer. our customers can have peace of mind knowing they will get clean, true strength products which are certified & lab tested for quality, purity & potency. Furthermore, the oil used in our products is organic, non-GMO & vegan, making it one of the best in the market.


Our dedication to research and testing ensures that elitemii products are some of the best in the UK market. Our CBD oil is extracted using the purest method and the oil can be traced back to the seed it was grown from. With elitemii you are guaranteed a pure, clean and safe high quality oil. All products are lab tested and pure strength with the minimum amount of THC making it completely legal in the UK. Best of all delivery is FREE in the UK and we are one of the most competitively priced CBD products in the UK market.

What makes us different?

elitemii's super strength, full spectrum CBD oil has an added boost of CBD distillate & is lab tested for purity, potency & quality - giving you the best oil possible. We have been featured in Health Natural health magazine, Luxury Lifestyle magazine and Cannavist Magazine (UK’s no.1 CBD magazine). We have also been independently reviewed by top CBD bloggers who have rated our CBD oils highly.


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what is cbd?

Get the facts about CBD in our handy guide.


Find out the benefits of CBD for your health
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