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1000mg CBD Oil drops 10%

1000mg CBD Oil drops 10%


1000mg CBD Oil drops 10%


elitemii's super strength, full spectrum 1000mg CBD oil has an added boost of CBD distillate & is lab tested for purity, potency & quality - giving you the highest quality product possible. elitemii CBD oil contains properties that can help aid in physical & mental well-being and are ideal for everyday use.

Ingredients: Sativa L, Virgin Hemp Oil
The easy to use dropper bottle makes it perfect and easy to introduce into a busy lifestyle to help with your general well being. CBD is fast becoming a hot topic and a great solution as a natural remedy to create balance in the body.


Third party lab tested for peace of mind.

Our 10% CBD oil is the best, and to prove it, our CBD oil is third party lab tested to ensure complete transparency of whats in our products. What you see on the label is what you get in the bottle; pure, natural, high strength CBD Oil. This gives you peace of mind that our oil is not only safe and clean, but that it is free from any synthetic materials.

The certificate of analysis is available here.



    We want you to feel great through the power of natural products. Our customers have been using our products to help them sleep better, relax, ease stress and anxiety and help with their aches and pains. We love that our products are actually helping people and hope to spread this positivity to everyone. 

    CBD is continuously being researched by experts globally. A growing number of studies & research indicate that CBD has many wide ranging health benefits that can aid in the relief of some physical & mental ailments.

    Pain Reduction:
    Some scientists believe that the chemical components in CBD can help ease pain.
    Stress Relief:
    CBD could help with stress and anxiety relief as well as depression.
    Amino Acids:
    Contains 9 of the essential amino acids and fatty acids.
    Plant based:
    Good for the planet and good for you, 100% natural power of plants

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