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Is CBD legal in the UK?

22 Feb 2021

The short answer is Yes, CBD oil is legal in the UK. In order for it to be legal, however, it has to meet a strict criteria. The oil has to contain no more than 0.2% THC in order for it to be legally sold in the UK

THC is the component of the cannabis plant that gets you "high". Having 0.2% or less means you WILL NOT get the intoxicating effect that cannabis will give you.

If you are looking to buy CBD oil in the UK, you always want to make sure it is safe and clean. Some manufacturers and brands will state that theirs is legal and safe when it is indeed not.

Are there certain regulations CBD suppliers have to follow in the UK?

There are various regulations in place that govern the quality and production of CBD products in the UK. Suppliers and manufacturers have to follow certain guidelines that adhere to quality control and the process of creating CBD before they can sell and buy.

How is CBD made?

The process of creating CBD is usually by extraction methods as it is a controlled substance, thus the process is carried out in a laboratory to control quality and strength of the product. The purest form of extraction is the supercritical CO2 method of extraction. This method of extraction is considered to be more environmentally friendly, considerably safer, cleaner, cheaper and less toxic than using fossil fuel based extraction – and results in a consistent product that is more palatable.

The process of supercritical CO2 extraction is achieved by heating the CO2 above 31.10C while maintaining its pressure at under 74 bar in order for it to become a supercritical fluid.

In this supercritical form, CO2 has both the properties of a gas and a liquid, becoming the perfect solvent for hemp extraction

elitemii cbd oil dropper bottle

When did it become legal in the UK?

The legal status of CBD changed in 2018 when it became licensed to be used under prescription which was made possible by The Misuse of Drugs (Designation).

CBD oils in general are sold as food supplements touted to help maintain a healthy body and mind. However, in some cases it can also be sold for medicinal purposes to help with. certain illnesses and ailments such as epilepsy.

To be sold as a medicine you need to have a proper license and go through strict regulatory checks and approvals. The license ensures that the CBD product meets the strict criteria of use as a medicine, such as quality, safety and efficacy standards.

Is CBD oil addictive?

Many studies have been conducted into the effects CBD has on the body and whether or not it is addictive like its cannabis related plant. Many studies were conducted and in particular, The World Health Organization summarised its finding on the matter as follows:

“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”. There’s still a lot for us to learn about CBD and it’s not completely clear why CBD isn’t addictive, but some scientists believe that it’s because, unlike THC, it doesn’t bind directly with your body’s chemical receptors.

In addition to these studies, CBD is also classed as being psychoactive as it interacts with your nervous system and your brain. Even though it doesn't cause any intoxicating effects it still needs to be classed as psychoactive.

Which CBD oil brands are the best in the UK?

There are a rising number of CBD brands emerging in the UK market and the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Products can range from tincture bottles, capsules, topicals and ointments all the way to bath bombs. if these products meet the criteria set by the MHRA then these products are safe to use in the UK.

There are a rising number of brands emerging in the UK market, claiming they have the purest and highest strength products which can become quite confusing. In order to make an informed choice and sort the low quality brands from the high quality ones there a few key things you need to consider:

  • Is the product Lab Tested and does it come with a lab report?
  • Is the oil used and the farm it came from Organic?
  • Is the product clean and safe to use?
  • Is the product True Strength?
  • Is it Certified and can i get access to these certificates if i want to?
  • Can the source be traced back to the seed?

In elitemii's product case we can say yes to all of these. Our products are carefully selected to ensure you get all the benefits that CBD has to offer by providing pure strength oils. In our eyes, if we fully believe in it and would take it ourselves then its also the best CBD oil for our customer.

Our CBD oil is made from organic hemp plants and can be traced back to the hemp seeds from the farm it was grown at. Also, our products come with lab reports so you can check the strength, THC content and other essential information for yourself.

Our top pick for first time users would be to try our 10ml bottles of 1000mg strength. The oil is extracted using the supercritical C02 method which results in a clean and pure oil with no contaminants.

For CBD to be sold in the UK it must not be promoted as a medicine or having medicinal benefits, and it is always wise to ask a medical professional before trying these products.

This is why we have made sure elitemii products adhere to the strict governing policies set in the UK to make sure our CBD products comply with UK CBD laws. all our products are certified and are lab tested to ensure quality control and purity.

CBD balm

How to take CBD oil?

There are various different ways to take CBD oil. They come in many different forms such as capsulesdropper bottles (or CBD tinctures), topicals and e-liquids.

We have a handy article which breaks down how to take CBD oil in various different ways.

The Foods Standard Agency have released new advice around CBD and the amount people should be taking, they recommend no more than 70mg a day unless your doctor has advised otherwise. Make sure to check the packaging when buying to see the dosage and how much you should take daily. If you are still unsure then consult your medical professional.

You must be Over 18 to purchase CBD products. This product is not intended as medicine but as a supplement to give the benefits of CBD. We advise you to consult a medical professional before beginning any new dietary routine.

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