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Blood Orange CBD moisturiser - elitemii

Blood Orange CBD moisturiser


Blood Orange CBD moisturiser


elitemii Blood orange CBD moisturiser is a soft and creamy formulation developed by top scientists in the Cannabis industry. It is Vegan, Cruelty free and THC free. The lotion is infused with blood orange flavouring to promote a healthy, invigorating experience. Blood orange contains natural antioxidant properties and helps to energise and brighten skin.

Guaranteed Concentration.

Our Blood orange lotion is certified and tested to ensure purity and clarity. What we say is on the label is in the bottle. The cream has been developed to the highest industry standards so you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality product. The certificate of analysis can be found here.

    CBD is continuously being researched by experts globally. A growing number of studies & research indicate that CBD has many wide ranging health benefits that can aid in the relief of some physical & mental ailments.

    Pain Reduction:
    Some scientists believe that the chemical components in CBD can help ease pain.
    Stress Relief:
    CBD could help with stress and anxiety relief as well as depression.
    Amino Acids:
    Contains 9 of the essential amino acids and fatty acids.
    Plant based:
    Good for the planet and good for you, 100% natural power of plants

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