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Physical wellbeing and CBD

10 Jun 2020

We all know that incorporating physical activity into your everyday routine is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but putting your body under physical strain can also cause aches and pains. From professional athletes to people who are just trying to have a healthier lifestyle, there has been a significant uptake of people implementing CBD as part of their nutritional intake. Why?

Research into CBD has been conducted around the globe and studies have suggested that it contains therapeutic benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. It is a naturally occurring substance and is reported to aid in:

  • pain relief
  • fighting inflammation
  • combat oxidative damage
  • muscle tension
  • increasing blood flow

For anyone that does exercise (whether it’s strenuous or not), it is important to consume good quality nutrients from food and supplements to help your body recover and to enable you to reach our personal goals. Implementing CBD in your diet can help give your body that extra boost of natural goodness and help relieve aches and pains. It can also help your body to relax for better recovery – so you are ready for your next exercise or workout session.

With so many products on the market, it is important to select high quality CBD. At elitemii, the oil in all of our CBD products are lab-tested and organic, giving you all the benefits that CBD has to offer.
The elitemii range has:

  • Massage oils - great for therapy, relaxation and enhancing your massage experience
  • Drops - add to food and drink or consume orally for quick absorption
  • Capsules – easy, convenient and a great way to measure your daily consumption
  • Balm – application directly onto areas of discomfort

What’s more, elitemii products are full spectrum meaning that with every drop of our oil, you will benefit from the enhanced effect of all the cannabinoids from the full plant working together.

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